Kayak Cam. But Not Yet.

Three days of attempting to film sea kayaking in a new and unusual way started yesterday. 

I've been worried about the weather - very cold and not nearly enough wind. I want it ROUGH. I've hired a few waterproof mini-cams and, as regular readers know, last summer I built some mounts. Time to put them into action.

But not like this video - shot at 3am earlier this week when I couldn't sleep, sitting in my PJs and furry slippers (they were both Christmas presents, OK?!)


Anonymous said...

Video wouldn't play, message about it being a 'private video' popped up ... ???

Mark R

Simon said...

Sorry - sorted

Owen said...

Could I ask where abouts you hired the mini-cams from?


Simon said...

Hi Owen

In view of my experience with using them I'd rather not name the company.

It might have been me, but the results were far from successful. If you really want to know, email me or PM me through the UKGuidebookForum.