Helen Skelton Triples Guiness World Kayaking Record?????

Associated Press is reporting Blue Peter presenter Helen Skelton has trippled the Guiness World Record for the longest solo journey by kayak.

It says 'The existing Guiness World Record, set in 2006, stands at 326.98 miles - but Skelton has clocked up more than 1,000 miles..."

I wonder if Freya told the Guiness people about her little effort? Or perhaps it wasn't verrified? And I wonder how they define solo?

For that matter - does anyone bother to tell the Guniess people about their paddling distances? Good grief, the Scottish Sea Kayak Trail is just under that 'record' distance!

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Anonymous said...

326 miles? I'm proud to say then, that I'm a World Record Breaker several times over ...

Mark R