BBC News Films for Scottish Sea Kayak Trail

I spent yesterday being filmed for a BBC News report about the booming popularity of Scottish sea kayaking. My book The Scottish Sea Kayak Trail prompted the report. Most of the filming will feature a group with Stuart Wagstaff from Sea Kayak Oban. I'll be a quick clip.

Today it may run on BBC Online and various TV outlets including Reporting Scotland. I won't know until tonght. I have to be back in Oban for a live radio interview (08:10-08:30) on Good Morning Scotland. It will be on listen again. Then I'm in Glasgow until late.

I still find it really strange being the one answering the questions, rather than asking them.

The Scottish Sea Kayak Trail has been getting quite a lot of media attention. There was the lovely package on Radio Scotland's Out Of Doors programme - which you can still hear. So why now? Because it's August, universally regarded by journalists as the 'silly season'. So the perfect time to pitch this sort of story to a newsdesk.

I shot some footage for the BBC using my GoPro Hero HD Cam clamped to the bow of my P&H Cetus - you can see a rough edit below. Perhaps one shot may appear in the final report?


Solent Sea kayak said...

Listened on iPlayer to Good Morning Scotland radio interview - interviews kick off at about 2:18 minutes into programme. Laughed heartily when you managed to plug Scottish Sea Kayak Trail in your first sentence, before even drawing breath - good work :-)

Nice report and good to also see Sea Kayak Oban getting some coverage.

Simon said...

Thanks, but I didn't do so well on the TV report. I'll post something on that tomorrow morning.

paddlingOTAKU said...

Can I get a picture of your mount? I used to own a bogen magic arm which would work well with the Gopro, but there is no way to connect a superclamp to the kayak.