Oban Sea Kayak Race - A Week Tomorrow

This race around the island of Kererra is a week on Saturday, that's 4th September. Route.

It's the first time this race has been run, and it has received a lot of positive press locally, such as this article.

Like so many events, it will be as serious as you want to make it.

Some people will arrive in racing boats and paddle flat-out. Others will pootle around, enjoying the view and not really worrying about the 'race' aspect of such things.

It will be nice simply to have so many kayakers in a town which is rapidly becoming the centre for the sport on this part of Scotland's west coast.

Oban - Sea Kayak Capital of the UK? I wonder...

I'm still not sure whether I'll be there, but Pesda Press has given some copies of my book to donate as prizes, and my business Sunart Media has contributed some DVDs, Sea Kayak With Gordon Brown. While I suspect the winners won't need either, it does mean Sunart Media is officially listed as a sponsor.

As someone who normally seeks sponsorship, that feels rather odd.


Anonymous said...

A great write up thank you Simon, and thank you for your sponsorship support. Just to let you know; entries are just flying in, it looks like it’s going to be a great event and the midges should have just about gone!

Due to the surge in applications we have extended the entry deadline, there have been a few changes to the start, finish and conditions; this is to comply with local comments and to help with the smooth running of the event.

The main alteration is to prevent any sea kayaks from entering the CalMac Ferry berthing area between 1.30 and 2pm on the 4th Sept. Several ferries are expected to arrive and depart within this half hour. The amendments include a mass accompanied flotilla from Kilbowie Outdoor Education Centre, leaving at 12pm to be in Oban Bay town beach by 1pm.

The short stay on the beach in Oban Bay, town beach is for a final check, media opportunity and to give thanks to all of the sponsors, many of which are local Oban businesses, light refreshments will be available, and I’m sure a chance of a blether with paddlers and interested locals and holidaymakers alike.

It is hoped that the Oban Lifeboat (providing that she has not been called out) will sound the start at 2.15pm. There’re off!

The final leg has been amended to avoid the ferries; we know that paddlers are happy avoiding ferries, but 50 kayaks spread out makes for the equivalent of a very large slow moving vessel, and if we want to hold something again next year we need to be seen to be ambassadors to the sport.

The finish is in the lovely Dungallan Park, great for the family! Followed by a B-B-Q and presentation back at Kilbowie!

“Sea kayak centre for the UK?”, we like to think so (I love Wales as well), the scope along the Scottish west coast is almost unrivalled, for those interested; BBC’s Secret Britain on the 5th Sept. at 9pm covers the sea loch north of Oban, Loch Etive by sea kayak!

Regards, Mark

Simon said...

Thanks for the extra info Mark.
Tongue in cheek for the 'Capital of the UK' thing...

Anonymous said...

It would be great to spend oban wildlife trips. That Kayaking adventure of yours is interesting too. I would love to try that.