Scotland's Wettest May on Record?

A couple of days ago I had a whinge about the weather. I predicted official figures, at the end of the month, would show record rainfall.

Now the BBC is reporting Scotland is "on course" for the wettest May since records began in 1910.

What's more, we've already had double the average rainfall for May.

And I'm about to head off on the Skye Mor course! (I'm in Portree on the map alongside).

In fairness, it looks like the front came through overnight.

So rather than the type of rain that feels like someone is pouring a giant bath-tub of water over your head, I'm expecting patchy showers. That's not the main issue.

Because each time I look at the surface pressure chat, the isobars have narrowed. The westerly wind now looks like being be the main challenge of the day. I feel that short-cut coming on...


JayGee said...

Had a 9 day paddle around Mull and down around Scarba during all the wet/wind the other week. Funny thing is we had an amazing time despite the daily 5-7 nearly always in our face and rough to very rough with rain forecast, it just wouldn't have been the same in the sun! Although next time I book 10 days off in advance for a paddle in Scotland I would like to experience sun and no wind to compare the experience ;)

Simon said...

Hi JayGee

I'm impressed! I know a few people who feel it's not 'real' Scottish weather until it's wet and rough, but three weeks of it is a bit much.

JayGee said...

We were ready to finish by the end that's for sure, a mix is fine by me, we just had to make the most of the time we ha and the weather we had :) Arrived on an unsheltered beach one evening freezing and soaking in heavy rain after a hard day desperate to get shelter up and get heat in to self to find the island owner there on a quad bike saying we were welcome to camp, but that he has a new bothy nearby with coal if we would prefer (half thought we were going to be sent packing, instead we received some amazing hospitality).You couldn't recreate the releif felt at that moment if the weather wasn't as bad as it had been, near cried!

Nice weather this weekend for a Rathlin island trip hopefully, had enough 5-7 for a while!

Andy said...

Hi Simon,
I've been meaning to give you a shout. Following in your footsteps, I moved up from Englandshire with my partner to Appin on 4th May to "Live the Dream". Weather was stunning when we arrived and for the first few days afterwards; which we spent unpacking boxes. It started raining a few days later and hasn't stopped since... We're still waiting for the dream to begin... We're now based around 18km from you "as the crow flys". Maybe catch you on the water sometime?


Simon said...

Hi Andy
Thanks for getting in touch. A rather soggy dream eh?

We're about to go on holiday until mid-June, but let's try to hook up when I get back. My phone numbers are on the Sunart Media website

You've picked a great part of the world!