Lundy Kayak-Taxi

Rob McIntyre of Sea Kayaking South West recorded one of the first Podcasts I posted. Rob must have missed my e-mail and hadn't realised the recording was 'live' until one of his clients told him they'd been listening to him talk passionately about kayaking in North Devon!

One of the routes Rob picked was Lundy Island which is a committing paddle for many people. Rob is delighted to have struck a deal with a charter boat operator who can carry 8 boats from Ifracombe to Lundy in less than an hour, so he can now offer a guided paddle around the island.

"The boat is a 12m cattermaran that'll do 28 knots", says Rob. "She's got a fly bridge that seats 8 which is great for spotting dolphin, wales and basking sharks, and the boat takes 12 clients +3 crew and 6/8 sea kayaks. The day trip will probably be; return boat trip, 3-4 hours sea kayaking and wildlife spotting, then 3-4 hours to explore the island. We'll also offer camping trips, probably 2 days".

Rob has recently redesigned him website through which he can be contacted for prices and dates. Or listen to him here.