Mariner's Ailments

I'd like to think my shoulder injury was something related to the sport I enjoy so much. "Kayaker's Hunch" perhaps, from slouching forward while paddling. Well, the diagnosis from both doctor and chiropractor is posture related but has more to do with flying a desk than paddling a sea kayak. Both recommended more yoga. The cartoon below is more eloquent than me.

I heard about another mariner's ailment on Radio Scotland this morning. The UK's nuclear submarines are parked just down the Clyde from us at Faslane. Apparently, when submariners return from an extended tour of duty they're not allowed to drive for a couple of days because they suffer temporary myopia. With no horizon or distant object on which the eyes can focus, the eye muscle relaxes. So they come ashore temporarily short sighted.

Perhaps this explains the blurred image of Faslane on Google Earth? And I post the next photo without comment.

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