Kayak to Faroes - 13:00 update 5.7nm to go.

I've just spoken to the Suderoy search boat team.  They have spoken to Mick and Patrick who are 5.7nm from the coast of the Faroes.  They are making slow progress against the tide.  The boat team have yet to make visual contact.


Anonymous said...

Just to clarify - is this some kind of lifeboat/rescue vessel looking for them?

Mark R

Simon Willis said...

I'm not exactly sure of the set up. This is how I think it's going down.

The bloke who drives the local Search and Rescue boat is a keen kayaker and has a friend with a video camera. They've taken their boat out to meet them.

That's as I understand things this end, but there's a chain of people involved here...

Alan said...

Cheers Simon - I should have refreshed the screen before adding my comment!



Anonymous said...

Thanks Simon.

Mark R