Kayak Fishing in the UK

How big is kayak fishing in the UK? More to the point - how big will it become? Because in the US it is big.
Pesda Press (who also publish my book) clearly think there is potential to grow.
Hence this new publication in their Practical Manual series. It's the first on the subject this side of the Atlantic, with our different fish species and fishing techniques.
It's aimed less at the kayaker, more at the angler who fancies trying kayak fishing. Andy Benham has written for angling magazines for 25 years, is addicted to kayak fishing he says, and is keen to share what he know, including:
* Choosing fishing and kayak equipment.
* Modifying the kayak and installing a fish finder
* Fishing skills - tips on anchoring and 'downtiding'
* What to fish for
* Freshwater fish and wreck fishing
* Staying safe at sea
* Seamanship
* How to use handheld GPS and VHF radio
In the USA kayak fishing is big. Our DVD distributor there, Heliconia Press, has produced DVDs, book and even has a Kayak Fishing TV channel on YouTube. Here's the sort of thing they show.