Sea Kayaking St Kilda - Photos

DVD2 in the series Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown will feature a fantastic journey around St Kilda.

The remote cluster of islands and sea stacks sits fifty miles out in the North Atlantic.

There's a slideshow with some of my images below.

What an amazing place to kayak! A double UNESCO World Heritage site.

The blizzard of gannets overhead create a deafening whir of wings. The sheer scale of the cliffs and sea stacks assault and overwhelm the senses.

Both the cliffs and the stacks are the highest in the UK according to the National Trust who own the islands.

To minimise our impact, and because we couldn't wait weeks for perfect weather, we travelled and lived on board a 'mothership' to help us film and make the most of the weather.

I'm capturing the rushes now, and I'm confident we have some great footage for Volume 2, released a the end of October.

The DVD will also feature archive cine footage of the first kayak crossing to St Kilda made in the 1960s by Hamish Gow.

Among the twelve kayakers in our group was Donald Thomson who in 1991 led the first there-and-back crossing to and from the islands and has made something of a study of them, the ideal tour guide.

And of course to the star of our show, the Saint who never was; the glorious, gorgeous St Kilda.


JayGee said...

Look forward to seeing the footage, it's an amazing place. Had two days paddling out there last year on the Cuma and hope to get back again, couldn't ask for better people to take you there!

JANICE said...


Why DO I keep clattering off the walls of this house? xx

Ian Johnston said...


Still grinning insanely, and my vertical perspective is taking a while to return to normal.....

Fiona said...

Loved the slide show, and now looking forward to DVD2 even more. And you've made me want to visit St Kilda again.

Sue said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! I'm still grinning too. Great place, amazingly lucky weather, good company and Cuma was the perfect way to experience it all. I can't wait to see the footage that's going on the dvd Simon - it'll be fantastic I'm sure!

Anthony said...

wow.... extremely jealous! I really have to paddle St Kilda, long way from Cornwall though!

nigel said...

Fun to see! Alun Hughes and I paddled out there from Skye in 1984... a brilliant place!

Simon Willis said...

Hi Nigel

Nice to hear from you.

Did you paddle back again? I had thought the first out-and-back kayak crossing was made in 1991.