300km Audax Cycling Event on iPlayer

TV Presenters often "give it a go"... but not like this.

Dougie Vipond, presenter of The Adventure Show tackles a +300km ride with 5,000m of ascent.

It's called The Snow Roads Audax as it tackles the high passes which are often snowbound in winter.

I have two films in the programme, both of which I shot and edited.  Cameron McNeish explores the superb DNT hut and trail system around Voss in Norway.  Also I made my first white-water kayaking film with two instructors from Glenmore Lodge.  

Wherever you are in the UK you can see The Adventure Show on the BBC iPlayer until Sunday 25th Nov at 8pm.

Next month, the even more exhausting Celtman.  I edited the show and it makes an Ironman look like it's for wimps.

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