Improved Download Versions at Sea Kayak with Gordon

Films in the Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown series offered for sale as downloads have all been refreshed and updated.

There are two main changes.

Firstly, I went back to the source file and used improved compression software to produce higher quality downloads at a faster bit-rate.  

The trade-off between file size and quality is particularly difficult in sea kayaking films because every pixel changes in every frame - the sea never stays still.

The SD Volume 1 is now compressed to 540p while Volume 2 and Hamish's Kayaking Films are in HD at 720p.  I hope to be able to offer 1080p versions in time for folks with ultra-fast internet.

Secondly, each film is now an .mp4 file (rather than .mov) and, at customers' request, each has chapters built in so it's much easier to navigate around the movie.  You'll also find artwork embedded into the file. 

Volume 3 is not yet available for download (here's why) but all the extras, tasters, promos and free videos from the series are available to download from Vimeo.

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