New Podcast - Kayaking Shetland

If you've listened to all the Sea Kayak recordings then you'll know we already have an interview about routes off the Shetland Islands.

So why another one?

When I recorded the first, almost ten years ago, I asked author of the Pesda Press Guidebook Tom Smith to pick his three favourite paddles.  

We assumed ideal conditions, which is a heck on an assumption for Shetland, as Liz and I discovered when we went kayaking there in June.

So we hooked up with Angus Nicol who has taken over from Tom Smith and he have us a rough guide to paddling these extraordinary islands in less than perfect conditions.  You'll find the recording, along with many others, at and in iTunes.

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Allison Simpson said...

We had a great day with Angus in 2013 I think it was fantastic