Video, Ride to the Sun. Scotland's Solstice Century Ride

Last year I filmed and edited this event for The Adventure Show.

I was so impressed with the overall feel of the day, or rather night, that I decided to ride the whole thing this year.

There's no fee, no fixed start time, and everyone helping out is a volunteer.  If you want to learn more about the background, and perhaps enter yourself, then check out the website.

If you've previously ridden 100 miles, the challenge is not the ride itself, it's the timing.  The idea is to arrive for sunrise around 04:30.  Arrive too late and you miss it.  Arrive too early and you'll be hanging around waiting.  The cycling took me just over six and a quarter hours.  Allowing for stops, I was out for just over seven hours.

Two thousand people had registered and the usual drop off of 30 percent might not have happened this year because there were loads of people, many of them ahead of me.  And I arrived early.  It does make me wonder how big this 'event' will have to grow before the organisers need to step in and take a measure of control, possibly even limiting numbers for safety.

Last night armed only with my iPhone, I shot my view of the ride.  I hope you like it.

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