Video, Wild Swimming Nirvana, The Arisaig Skerries, Scotland

Arisaig is sea kayak central.

The reasons for this also make it a superb location for open water swimming.

Those reasons don't need a long explanation, you only have to look at a satellite image of the area (below).

If an Almighty Deity smashed a rock with celestial sledge hammer, scattering the fragments across the sea, it would look like this.  The Arisaig Skerries are spectacular.

The nearest starting point is roughly 1km away, so that would be 2km of swimming before you started on the best bits.
Aquatic maze that's constantly shifting
So we took a couple of kayaks and a canoe across, paddled a tour among the skerries which helped us get our bearings, then made a temporary camp on one of the largest islands to sue as a base from which we'd swim.

Wild swimmers like swimming around and between islands.  Here you are completely spoiled for choice.  Indeed, the route options are overwhelming, and therein lies a potential problem - getting lost.

The number and shape of these myriad islands changes minute by minute with the rise and fall of the tide.  It's like being in a maze with constantly shifting walls.  However, it's worth the effort.  There are seals all around, we saw an eagle being mobbed by gulls, and the shallow sea is crystal clear with light reflected from the sparkling white sand below.

It's an amazing place to swim, and if you want to see what it's like, watch this video.  The map of our swim is linked in the video description.

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