Adventure Show Shoot - and Radio Mics

Crumbs I hope my video pictures for the Adventure Show turn out better than this one! 
Snapped in the hotel as Meg sorts kit and Dominic lines up a camera he has never used before.

We were filming the Carnethy Five Hill Race just outside Edinburgh.  Huge fun.  And educational.

Speaking to some of the team who'd just returned from filming Karen Darke kayaking in Patagonia, I discovered they experienced similar problems to me when they put radio mic receivers into waterproof camera housings.  

They ended up shooting on two cameras, one recording sound and kept somewhere it couldn't get wet, and the one recording pictures in the splash bag.

The programme with Karen is being made by my friends at Triple Echo and I'll try to let you know when that film is going out.  It's not yet viewed, let alone edited!

The Cyclocross we shot on Mull in December is on BBC-02 Scotland, Sunday 22nd Feb at 6:05pm.

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