Fitting a Deck Mounted Silva 70p Compass

Famous last words: "Fitting that deck mounted compass was surprisingly easy", says Simon.

As Liz sinks beneath the waves, water flooding her front hatch.

Yet it was surprisingly easy. Of course, I had good advice.

Solent Sea Kayaking has precise step by step instructions. I read, learnt a lot, but ultimately decided not to follow them (sorry Dunks!). The bolts and sealant were a step too far for a
person with as many thumbs as I have.  Continued

So I followed Douglas' advice in his comment to this post. I've reproduced it here so it's easier to find. For idiots like myself I should just add - make sure your drill bit is the correct size. I nearly made a horrible mistake.

Don't bother with the paper template when drilling holes. Use the brass base plate and when you have drilled the first hole srew it on temporaly then drill the hole opposite, screw it in then drill the other two holes.

Now remove the baseplate attach the compass (and plastic cover) and screw it in place, lining up the lubber lines with the bow and stern just before screwing tight.

The screws are too long for the deck thickness and are very sharp. So knead a little two part epoxy putty and stick a blob over each sharp end to protect dry bags etc.

Have fun,