Add "Sea" to the Title

The 'Scottish Kayak Trail' will be published as the 'Scottish Sea Kayak Trail'. Which means I'll have to get around to changing the website. No matter.

The ISBN is 978-1-906095-17-8 and the publication date is 12 May 2009. God willing!

Inside Ardnamurchan Lighthouse

Answering yesterday's question, 'What's That'. It was part of the lamp array in Ardnamurchan Lighthouse. Here's a slideshow of our trip to the top.

What's That?

Here's a close up of something we kayakers don't normally get to see quite so close up.

Full image as a slideshow tomorrow morning.

Patrick Winterton - Lifeboat Rescue after Illness

This was released at 16:55 on 11th August by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency.

At a quarter past eleven this morning the pair contacted Stornoway Coastguard using their satellite telephone and reported that both had become unwell and requested assistance, some 15 miles North of Cape Wrath.

Two males in sea kayak canoes were rescued by the RNLI Lifeboat from Lochinver after becoming ill while on a trip from the remote island of North Rona to Durness on the North Coast of Scotland.

The pair had set out from the Butt of Lewis on Friday, originally planning to kayak to the Faeroe Islands but because of the weather conditions decided to head for the island of North Rona, nearly 60 miles North of Stornoway, and then on to the island of Sule Skerry. After staying on North Rona they departed in the early hours of this morning and then decided to travel to Durness instead of Sule Skerry due to the weather conditions.

The Coastguard requested the launch of the RNLI Lifeboat from Lochinver, some 50 miles from their position. After 13/4 hours the Lifeboat arrived at the kayaker's position, guided by an RAF Nimrod reconnaissance aircraft that was on a training exercise in the area. Both males were taken on board the lifeboat and their kayaks recovered.

Neither requires urgent medical attention but arrangements have been made for them to be checked by a doctor upon their arrival in Lochinver.

Martin Collins, Coastguard Watch Manager said: "These kayakers are very experienced and well equipped for the trip that they had planned. They have stayed in regular contact with the Coastguard since departing from Stornoway and they made the correct decision to contact us and ask for help when they both became unwell. This incident shows that with the correct planning and equipment the Coastguard can render prompt assistance, even in the most remote areas of the UK.

More about Patrick Winterton here and on his own website.

Prize Chickens, Geese & Ducks

Our friends Bill and Sukie did rather well at the village show this weekend. Or rather, their animals did.

We now eat the eggs of champions.

Ducks, geese and chickens all took prizes. Congratulations to them all.

And keep the eggs coming.

Patrick and the 'Mount Everest of Kayaking'

Patrick Winterton and Mick Berwick planned to leave Stornoway today to kayak to the Faroe Islands, a 255 mile voyage which The Press and Journal today calls the 'Mount Everest' of Kayaking.

A short while ago, Patrick e-mailed to say he'd injured his back in Oban and took a few weeks out. He wasn't resting. He worked on the Tour De France.

Now he's back in the kayak and heading north. Here's a short video of Patrick (before he started) outlining his route, from Wales, around Ireland then up the west coast of Scotland.