Attempted St Kilda Crossing Recreation - Today?

I previously wrote about the attempt to recreate Ann and Hamish Gow's 1965 kayak crossing to the islands of St Kilda.

Hamish's original home cine footage (video below) features in our DVDs Sea Kayak With Gordon Brown-Vol2 and Hamish's Kayaking Films.  Download for just £3.99

This new expeditions is being organised by our friend Mike Sullivan for a BBC Alba TV programme called 'Trusadh'.

Now it seems their custom kayak, built close to the original by local boat builder Angus Smith, has passed its sea trials and is ready to go.

This time two women are paddling the double, Christine Stewart and Dolina Swanson, to whom we wish the very best of luck.

According to their Facebook page, it seems today Thursday offers the best weather window for the pair and their support boat, which presumably is also carrying the TV folk.

Reed Chillcheater (obviously) came up with their kit.  It needed to look as authentic as possible while taking account of modern safety developments.

I wonder whether either of them is going to wear a headscarf?  That's not a daft question!

Hamish shot his cine footage from the rear seat of their double kayak.  Ann sat immediately in front.  So the stand out image is of Ann's headscarf fluttering in the breeze under the cliffs of St Kilda.

If you haven't seen that amazing original footage, some of it is in the video below.  

Attempt To Circumnavigate Britain - The 'Wrong' Way Around

In a record year for the number of attempts to circumnavigate mainland Britain by kayak (and one in a tiny dinghy), these three guys stand out.

While everyone goes around clockwise around our island, this team is going anti-clockwise.

Good luck to Craig, Stuart and Lee.

Their website says they hope to be the first to do it in this direction and also the youngest.  My God, don't they look young...

Oh and they're going to take a shot at Marcus' current 80 day record.

Hence their website,

I'm delighted to say two of the lads (brothers) are from Newbiggin-by-the-Sea in Northumberland, where I grew up, and one is from North Seaton where my Grandad worked down the long-gone mine.

Their website is regularly updated with photos.  

They're Tweeting (well, Craig is) and they're on Facebook.  

They also have a tracker which shows them nearing Scotland's north coast where things will start to get a whole lot tougher.  

I'd love to paddle with the guys when they come near Ardnamuchan but we won't be here... that's another story.

Incidentally, if you want to listen to other people who have successfuly circumnavigated Britain there are Podcasts with Marcus Demuth, Nigel Dennis and Barry Shaw at

Huge thanks to Tom for letting me know of this attempt.

Partial Closure of DVD Website

The website through which we sell most of our films in the Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown series is partially closing for a couple of weeks.

The US store which sells the NTSC versions of the disc is open as normal.

The download part of the store remain open as normal.

However, the PAL orders to Europe and Australia are normally fulfilled by Liz and me from our home in Scotland.

We're going on holiday for a few weeks and the people house-sitting for us don't want to handle the orders.

So from tomorrow, buyers will be re-directed to Cordee, our distributor's website.

Video - Dolphins in Sound of Sleat

My good friend shot this recently from his boat in the Sound of Sleat. They were near Doune on the Knoydart side of the sound when they spotted a dark patch of water, "the size of a supermarket car park" moving towards them.  Initially they thought it was mackerel.  It wasn't, it was a pod of dolphins.