Humiliating U-Turn. By Me.

Our new DVD will not be released only in NTSC format as I wrote in May.

There will be a PAL version for most of the world and an NTSC copy, made in the US, for North America.

We journalists tend to describe such changes of decision as "a humiliating U-turn", especially if they're made by a politician.

I shall simply use the politicians' defence.

I asked you what you thought of NTSC only and, in comments and e-mails, you politely said "no thanks". So I have listened and learned.

Fingers crossed, it will be out 1st November.

Incidentally, I've just ordered some more PAL copies of DVD-1 as we're almost out of stock.

As you'll see, there has been an addition to the artwork.

'Volume 1' added in the top right corner of the front of the box. (The Copyright is now 2011 too).

Volume 1 was previously written on the rear of the box, but to be honest, it was toned down, almost hidden.

We weren't entirely sure any more volumes were going to happen. Now I'm delighted to say, the rough-cut of Volume 2 is almost complete and I ought to be able to take it to Gordon and Morag to review very soon.

Want to see some? Look out for the Video Diary of our St Kilda voyage, on this site on Friday.

Premiere Dates Announced, Vol 2, Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

First public viewing of the highlights from our new sea kayaking DVD will be at Paddle '11, Scotland's Canoe and Kayak Show.

The event is spread over two days, Sat 22nd and Sun 23rd October 2011.

Because many people will take part in the Tay Descent on the Saturday we've agreed to one screening each day at 11:30am.

Two years ago our first film drew the largest audience for any single talk or workshop the organisers had seen.

We're hoping lots of folk will turn up on both days, and we'll also be selling the full DVD.

In addition, the SCA is running a film competition, which I'll have a hand in. Details tbc.

Now all I have to do is finish the film...

3 Ways to Follow Our St Kilda Sea Kayaking Story

I spend most days just now re-living our superb sea-kayaking trip to St Kilda.

I'm editing the hours of footage into the 'Journey' part of our next coaching DVD.

If you'd like to know more about the coaching sessions Volume 2 will contain, check the website. The DVD is released 1st November 2011.

However, if you want to see and hear and see more about kayaking around thie remote cluster of dramatically shaped island, may I suggest three ways.

Firstly, there are the blogs I mentioned in passing, but which deserve special attention. With each new posting, the story of our trip gradually unfolds, supported by superb photos.

Douglas' excellent daily teases the reader with progressively developing story. Ian's Mountain and Sea Scotland does much the same. Worth checking regularly.

The third way is video.

On 1st July I'll publish the next Video Diary of our shoot and it will feature the St Kilda shoot.

It's cut.

The team have seen it.

They like it.

So please check back here on 1st July or subscribe free to the Podcast download at

Sea Kayaking St Kilda - Photos

DVD2 in the series Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown will feature a fantastic journey around St Kilda.

The remote cluster of islands and sea stacks sits fifty miles out in the North Atlantic.

There's a slideshow with some of my images below.

What an amazing place to kayak! A double UNESCO World Heritage site.

The blizzard of gannets overhead create a deafening whir of wings. The sheer scale of the cliffs and sea stacks assault and overwhelm the senses.

Both the cliffs and the stacks are the highest in the UK according to the National Trust who own the islands.

To minimise our impact, and because we couldn't wait weeks for perfect weather, we travelled and lived on board a 'mothership' to help us film and make the most of the weather.

I'm capturing the rushes now, and I'm confident we have some great footage for Volume 2, released a the end of October.

The DVD will also feature archive cine footage of the first kayak crossing to St Kilda made in the 1960s by Hamish Gow.

Among the twelve kayakers in our group was Donald Thomson who in 1991 led the first there-and-back crossing to and from the islands and has made something of a study of them, the ideal tour guide.

And of course to the star of our show, the Saint who never was; the glorious, gorgeous St Kilda.

Gone Kayaking. And filming.

We're heading to Skye to do some filming with Gordon and Morag for DVD2, then we're off to the Outer Hebrides. So forgive me if there are only a few updates and/or Tweets.

We have a supply of DVDs with us so we can fulfil orders.

At the end of this week we're joining a team of ten kayakers on Lewis. Between us, we've hired a boat on which we'll live ofr a week and travel to where the weather looks best.

As well as all our paddling kit, which is bulky enough, we also have three big boxes of filming kit. That consists of 4 conventional HD cameras and 4 waterproof HD mini cams.

I hope to shoot extra material for DVD2, so who knows where we'll get to.

Video Diary 2, DVD2 Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

Balance exercises are integral to the way Gordon teaches self rescues, and they will earn an entire coaching session in the new DVD. But he also likes to muck about. On my Five Start training last year, he told our group, "Launch your kayak in a way you've never done before".

So I suggested he try the same idea with one of the groups we're filming. None of this resulting material is likely to end up in the coaching session on the DVD, but it's good fun.

Please share this with as many folk as possible.

And you'll notice that, unlike DVD1, in DVD2 we see Gordon coaching with groups rather than talking alone to camera. This is also going out as a Podcast on