Podcast - Guide to Isle of Bute

Roddy McDowell of Kayak Bute has written a free Sea Kayak Guide to the Isle of Bute and Surrounding Waters.

Roddy gives an audio destination guide to his home island in this months Podcast - find it at SeaKayakPodcasts.com or iTunes.

You can also get hold of a copy of the guide in three different ways.

Part One is in this month's Ocean Paddler Magazine.  

You can download a PDF version by clicking here.  

There's an electronic version in your country's Amazon Kindle Store.  Please go to your local Amazon Kindle store and search for Sea Kayaking Guide to the Isle of Bute.  

The price is set at the minimum allowed by Amazon for making it available on Kindle.  

New Podcast - Channel Islands & Guidebook

The latest sea kayak guidebook from Pesda Press is, on the face of it, a curious pairing - South East of England and the Channel Islands.

In this month's podcast at SeaKayakPodcasts.com Derek Hairon, the author of the Channel Island's section, explains why the book is constructed in this way and shares his detailed knowledge of his home islands.

Derek is the man behind Jersey Kayak Adventures.  His book will be published 1st July and you can order it here.

New Book - Day by Day on the Pacific Crest Trail

I have published a new book - an account of our six-month 2,658 mile hike of the Pacific Crest Trail in the United States.

The book has its own website PacificCrestTrail.UK from where you can buy the book in four formats.

The thing that's different about this account is that it is written in the moment.  As we hiked, I wrote our evolving story, capturing a depth of feeling I doubt would be possible after the event.

With the success of Wild by Cheryl Strayed, both as a book and film, there's a lot more interest in the Pacific Crest Trail.  

Whereas we could start when we wished, I'm told departure slots are now allocated to space hikers along the trail.  It's a different world.

The PDF version and generic ePub file for all sorts of electronic readers are available at £2.99 from Digital Goods Store - just pick which file you want to download.

I hope sales will come through the Kindle Store - in the UK and it will also sell in the USA Kindle Store.  There are sample chapters on both.

I also used Create Space to make a hard, printed copy available to purchase.  However, with more than 150 colour photos the price of this print-on-demand version is much higher than I would like - £24.99 and $54.99 - and I'm taking virtually no profit for myself.  This was a real pain to layout but I learnt a great deal and the next book will be much easier to sort.

Most Downloaded Sea Kayak Podcasts 2014-15

My podcast year ties with the financial year.

Not because they make money (they actually cost money!) but because it's the time of year when I do lots of paperwork, so this is easy to add.

I can therefore announce the most downloaded podcasts of 2014-15.

While I'm at it, I thought you might also like to know the most downloaded podcasts since I transferred the whole system over to Libsyn in 2008.

New podcast - Sctland North & East Coast, Doug Cooper

With two guidebooks and two manuals in print, Doug Cooper must be the UK's most prolific sea kayak author.

Hear him at SeaKayakPodcasts.com and iTunes.

Published by Pesda Press, the guidebook to the North and East coasts of Scotland is an essential companion for anyone kayaking these waters.  For this Destination Podcast, Doug describes three routes to show the diversity of paddling.

Below you'll find a video from The Adventure Show I made about Doug on a fourth route - he was writing the book when we filmed.

Nice Photo - Will It Sell?

A few weeks ago I uploaded a selection of images to Picfair, a new photo sales library.

I like the simplicity of Picfair - one licence covers a multitude of uses and there's just one price which the photographer sets.

Yesterday, this image was chosen by Picfair picture editor Sally as her number one pick.  You can see the others and read the background on her blog.  So...

Retul Bike Fitting - Is It Worth It?

How far could you walk in badly fitting shoes?  My guess is you'd give up after a few miles because, whether too large or too small, they would inevitably be too painful.  

Yet thousands of cyclists clock up hundreds of miles each year on ill-fitting bikes that cause them all sorts of pain; knee, hip, back and neck being the most common.  Believe me I know. I was one of them.

Bike fitting was once a black art.  Not so long ago you'd ride around a car park while the grizzled ex-pro shop owner squinted through one eye and used a mixture of experience, hope and luck to fit the bike.  Now technology has transformed bike fitting.