Video - WOW! Skye Ridge, Danny Macaskill on a Bike, and a Drone Camera

Scenery, cinematography, bike skills and drone camera flying are all outstanding.

New Podcast with Justine Curgenven - 101 Days In Alaska

Here's a great podcast with Justine Curgenven about her recent expedition in Alaska.

Together with Sarah outer, Justine paddled much of the chain of Aleutian Islands and then followed the Alaskan coastline.

The pair were aiming for a road from where Sarah could continue her journey on bike.  She's circumnavigating the globe entirely by human power.

Justine will be telling her story with photos and video at the Scottish Canoe Association big paddling show in Perth later this month.

This year it's called An Fheis Mhor, Scotland's Festival of Paddlesport and runs 24-26th October.

Here Justine tell the tale of the expedition at, or on iTunes or listen to the streaming version below.

Volunteer? Cetacean Survey into Military Exercise Effects

Up to 22 ships, 3 submarines and 85 aircraft will take part in the continuing Joint Warrior exercise next month.

The Hebridean Whale and Dolphin Trust will also be at sea to monitor the effect all this has on wildlife and they need volunteers.

Military sonar has controversially been accused of harming cetaceans and has been linked to cases of the mammals swimming ashore and stranding themselves.

Last year the HWDT started monitoring this annual exercise for a while now.

They've logged cases of abnormal behaviour among cetaceans and want the military to carry out a public and transparent environmental assessment of the effect of this exercise.

GPS Jamming Off North West Scotland Next Month

The annual, continuing massive military exercise called Joint Warrior runs 6 - 17 October.

GPS signals will be jammed at certain times in specific parts of north west Scotland.  

According to the P&J newspaper, the military have made various organisations aware of their activities.

I cannot find the details online - perhaps that's deliberate - but if you can, please post the link in the comments below.  

The Royal Navy spokesman is quoted in the P&J as follows: “GPS jamming during Joint Warrior will be limited to a confined area in North West Scotland at specific times. Maritime, fishing, aviation and hill walking organisations have been consulted and made aware of GPS jamming.”

The place is going to be buzzing with ships and planes.  The Royal Navy website on Joint Warrior is informative but again gives no details of where and when GPS will be jammed.

Video - TV Reporter Resigns Live - "F**k it, I quit"

Twenty five years as a BBC reporter and, although I thought about it many times, I never did what this TV reporter did yesterday.  Nor did I own a medicinal cannabis club.

Blind Kayakers Tackle Grand Canyon

Two blind adventurers are two-thirds of the way through a kayak descent of the Grand Canyon.  Erik Weihenmayer is 'world famous' as an adventurer, according to his website, so my apologies for not knowing who he is.  He's joined by Lonnie Bedwell who is introduced in this video.

I came across them through watching some of the excellent Outside Online videos, in particular, this one.  I spent some of last week being cut open as a surgeon repaired two hernias.  I'm a bit sore and limited in what I can do for a few weeks, so I have plenty of time to trawl up stuff like this.

A Quiet Week

I won't write much this week.  Not because I'm working on stories linked to the referendum - I had to turn those down - but because I'm due to undergo surgery.  I will feel groggy after a general anaesthetic so it's probably best from me to stay away from the blog and twitter - goodness knows what I might write.  Especially in such a politically sensitive week as this...