So what's Club La Santa really like for cyclists?

For the last few years my wife and I have wondered what a winter week in this sports resort on the Canary Island of Lanzarote would be like. 

Would it be Pontins with push-ups? Hi-de-hi for the fit families of Europe?

 Or would it be a great way to train in relatively warm weather while home in Scotland turned grey, cold and soggy? 

In 2014 Club la Santa opened a new village of apartments, set aside from the main and close to the new aquatic centre. So we took the plunge. To share the cost of one of the new two-bedroom apartments at a low-season time, we travelled with two friends and booked a week just before Christmas.  (Continues….)

Blog Changes

As you can see - things have changed.  It's not just cosmetic either.  I felt this blog was too cluttered and had too little focus. 

In future I will use Twitter for all the casual, short postings - you can read those alongside.

Anything I post will hopefully have more in depth content and the tabs above will (hopefully) help keep me on track. 

Gradually I'm working my way through older, more popular posts and linking them to the tabs above.  For a while it means old posts will appear in the timeline as if they are new, when in reality they;re just republished.  

Sorry about that. Things will settle down.

Junking the Junk Training Miles Continued - 2nd Fitness Test

It is enormously satisfying to achieve a goal.  

Last week I discovered that I was on track with, not one, but three of my cycle training goals. 

Of course, the real goals come this summer when I try to ride the Raid Pyrenean and La Marmotte sportive. 

Back in November, I wrote at length about my testing session with Dr Garry Palmer of Sportstest which had happened a few weeks earlier.  

The fundamental point of the session was to give me precise heart rate training zones, and a training plan to follow.  

Big Changes - Downloads of Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown

We're changing the way we offer Download versions of the Sea Kayak with Gordon Brown series of instructional films to make it easier and to give our customers more choice.  We also have to comply with a new tax law in the UK.

We are sticking with Digital Goods Store, but instead of them simply providing the background technology which made the downloads work, our partners at DGS will handle the whole thing from sales to support.
Read more….

New Podcast - Kayaking Oslo Area

The first podcast of 2015 is going to make you want to pack your kayak and head to Norway.

Unless you are listening in Norway, in which case you're going to want to head to Oslo.

Unless you're listening in Oslo, in which case - lucky you!

Richard Meadow is an American who has lived in Norway longer than the USA and we recorded this podcast when he visited us in Scotland.

You'll find it on and iTunes.


On Arran from my saddle-camera
It is worth making a date or setting the recorder for this one.  7pm tomorrow night, Tuesday 9th Dec 2014.

Find BBC-2 Scotland (it's on Sky, Freesat, Virgin Media) and sit down to watch Sore in the Saddle.

After that search for Sore in the Saddle on the BBC iPlayer.  If you're not in the UK there are still ways to watch iPlayer.

If you'd like to read a few things about the programme you'll find articles on the following sites:

If you spot an article on another website or newspaper (not a forum) please let me know in the comments.

Bike Fitting Article

The winter edition of Scottish Cycling Magazine is out.

I have an article in it about bike fitting.  I am absolutely no expert, but I know a man who is.

I went to Paul Allanach of Velocity 44 for a full Retul bike fit and frankly it was worth every penny.

And yes, I did pay.  I can't yet reproduce the article here but you can get a free copy of Scottish Cycling and read it online.